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Repairs & Refurbishment

Repairs, refurbishment or breakage/damage assessment

If your bat has broken or been damaged and you are unsure what to do, then first contact the person/distributor whom you bought it from. If they can’t assist you then you are welcome to contact us directly. Unfortunately, we are unable to give advise on bat breakages or damages without physically assessing the bat concerned. Our workshop will gladly assist with repairs on and refurbishment of all brands of cricket bats.

Office Hours: 8am – 5pm (weekdays only)

Tel: +27 (0)21 762 0080 (ext. 2)


Bats can either be brought in or courier to:

D&P Cricket
Attention: Returns
Unit 3A, Royal Cape Park,
Londonderry Road, Ottery,
7800, Cape Town

Courier costs for customer’s own account.

Or they can be posted to:

D&P Cricket
Attention: Returns
P.O. Box 45838,
Ottery, 7808,
Cape Town

Postage costs for customer’s own account.


  • Fibre-glass taping & anti-scuff application is included free of charge with the cleaning of a bat face.
  • An extra charge will be added to clean up bats which have been over oiled, covered with taping or generally ill-treated.
  • Goods not collected within 90 days will be sold to recover costs.
  • Emergency services are available at double the normal rates.
  • These prices are VAT inclusive.
  • We accept EFTs, credit/debit cards and cash.
  • Courier/postage fees excluded.

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